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Electric mobility is a revolution that cannot and should not know borders, especially in sustainable tourism field. Our dream is to make green travel international, a type of tourism able to engage travellers from every corner of the world, especially those who move in natural protected areas.

In ten years of experience in the field of green tourism, many international companies have trusted the GardaSolar ecosystem, adopting our technology to reposition themselves and develop a new successful business. Telling you about these partnerships is a way for us to live again our journey, with pride and new ideas for the future.

A case history to tell: Bateau la Perle

Today, we would like to talk about Bateau La Perle, an electric boat rental business that has been active on Lake Gérardmer for more than fifty years. A historical, forward-looking business: since 1967 the company has been committed to bring electric navigation to the French lake, establishing a European record.

This innovation push stemmed from a common business relationship ground that still continues today. For the GardaSolar team, Bateau La Perle and Lake Gérardmer have become a real operational showroom where to live our values: safety, construction quality, love for the environment and eco-sustainable fun.

Electric boats – a growing fleet

Bateau la Perle was one of the firstcompanies to believe in our proprietary technology and to understand the potential of a business that was about to skyrocket. The present fleet includes GOGO 4 and GOGO 6-seat both electric and solar, as well as Microwatt 2.0 electric boats, not to mentionthe conversions of old boats with our plug & play kits for electric retrofit. The demand from touristsis so high that the fleet grows year on year: in 2021, the new GardaSolar pedalo boats will also arrive on the shores of the French lake. Another milestone that completes a successful project designed together with our partners.

Economic return and turnover: + 500%

The investment in 100% electric technology is substantial, we know it well, but the return on investment is faster than one might think, up to 5 times higher than a traditional boat rental.

This is testified by Beteau La Perle case study, where the returnon investment was achieved in just1 year, given the incredible appeal that GardaSolar boats have in theeyes of an increasingly informed and aware traveller.

Looking at the data, we can verify the enormous success of theFrench seaside activity that is indeed due to the introduction of GardaSolar technology in 2014.


noleggio barche elettriche_trend_gardasolar

The graph illustrates it perfectly: while the traditional boat market growth has remained flat, the strong demand for electric technology by tourists, accompanied by the forward-looking extension of the fleet, has led to turnover growth of +500%,that has enabled a new start for the company. It is the exponential trend of green mobility, destined tochange the world of tourism.

A big change that requires courageand vision. The future always starts here: from a choice.

Do you want to become part of the GardaSolar family? Get in touch with us and tell us your idea of sustainable tourism.