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When skills and passion come together, the future takes shape. We married the artisan talent of FAP  Falegnameria Artigianale Pesce – with GardaSolar technology. Together, we created 1600 Dogado, the new electric boat (also available with traditional engine) that offers entrepreneurs a new kind of tourism that’s more sustainable and innovative.

We wanted to pay tribute to Venice’s long naval tradition, but also to its thousand-year history: 1600 Dogado  takes its name from the age of the Serenissima.

This is not a boat like any other. Born to be the bearer of change, revolutionary in its shape, unprecedented in its performance, elegant in its details that pay homage to the essence of Made in Italy. Discover it with us.  

barca elettrica_1600 dogado

Dogado 1600 – Features

Refined and contemporary boat design (by Roberto Roscioni), green heart* with electric propulsion with power up to 20 kW and 8 hours of autonomy,  hull designed to reduce the impact of the waves. “The green heart of the lagoon” offers a new way of sailing: safe, exciting, environmentally friendly. Beech frame, mahogany panels, mahogany and teak deck, hand-sewn leather sofas. Quality is in every detail.  

Dogado 1600 – Two Versions

To meet the needs of those who live of tourism, our boat is presented in two versions:

  • * 1600 Dogado – E: with electric motor. The sustainable version of our design boat.
  • 1600 Dogado – P: with traditional engine. 

Our Electric Boat at the Venice boat Show (2021)

Want to meet our new electric boat in person? You’ll be pleased to know that it will be presented at the Venice Boat Show, from May 29 to June 6, 2021. Visit the dedicated page and book your free test. The future is waiting for you, and it is GardaSolar.


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