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Choosing the best hull design is very important to reduce the effects of wave motion and create a new way of navigating. Discover the rationale behind GardaSolar’s electric Gogo boats.

Sustainable navigation exists in different forms, models and solutions. Choosing one over another can make all difference in the final impact the fleet will have on the surrounding nature.

You can simply choose an efficient electric outboard with permanent magnets for your traditional boat, and thus opt for a more affordable electric retrofit, or you may prefer one with a state-of-the-art electric battery, which is more expensive, but supports fast charging and reduces energy dissipation. It is also possible to equip all boats with an optional canopy with an integrated photovoltaic system.

Electric Boat Design – The Hull Matters

The choices, as you can see, are many. An important and often underestimated issue is the design of the electric boat itself. This is something to take into account when choosing an increasingly advanced and sustainable boat.

The way the hull is design greatly affects the quality of navigation and reduces the impact of the waves, which can be very dangerous for our coastal cities. Venice, for example, is one of the places most subject to this form of erosion which damages buildings and threatens the fauna of the lagoon.

A hull designed to be sustainable, in short, is an important element. A source of inspiration, in this regard, is the hull of catamarans and trimarans because it greatly reduces the impact of the waves.

So, here at GardaSolar, we put a lot of thought and care in the design of our iconic electric Gogo Boat.

The Gogo Boat’s Trimaran Hull – A GardaSolar Intuition

Designed to be accessible to everyone, even the least experienced, our electric Gogo Boats redefine sustainability for tourism. This is thanks to their usability, iconic design and and their trimaran hull, designed to cut through the waves and reduce their impact. This type of hull is environmentally friendly and allows for optimal navigation even in areas that would otherwise be precluded to boats. The design, together with 100% Italian Gardenergy motors, offers unparalleled quietness. In the hull of the Gogo Boat is another GardaSolar revolution: the multilayer polyethylene. Light and stable, it is also 100% recyclable, so at the end of its life the boat can be disposed of and will not weigh on the environment. This is proof that the most important stage in the creation of an electric boat is its design: the success of the entire project will depend on it, as well as the future of our lakes and seas.

Would you like to find out more about our electric boats? Contact us: we’ll help you create your sustainable tourism business.


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