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Pedal Boat: A Classic Returns

Fun, colourful and environmentally friendly. A symbol of the 80s and 90s carefree summers spent splashing around in the water with the now almost unobtainable

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Travelling sustainably: 4 Italian destinations for green tourism

We can finally get back to travelling! With summer approaching, it’s time to choose the perfect spots for our holidays. Whether you love the seaside,

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The new Gardasolar website is now online

We are writing the future of the electric mobility Made in Italy that will pave the way to an increasingly sustainable and responsible tourism. 2020

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Ebike – three wonderful itineraries for your electric bike

Although Italy ranks only 17th among bike-friendly countries, cycle paths have grown by +22% in the last 7 years, while the purchase trend of e-bikes

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Tourism after Covid-19: increasingly sustainable and electric

If there is one positive thing that the recent global pandemic has taught us, it is that respect for the environment must become a priority