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Fun, colourful and environmentally friendly. A symbol of the 80s and 90s carefree summers spent splashing around in the water with the now almost unobtainable Sansonì ice cream, the pedal boat is making a comeback. This is thanks to electric propulsion and technical innovations which are making the boat increasingly comfortable and affordable for everyone, without the hassle, the puffing, the sweating or leg cramps. But did the pedal boat really need these changes? Let’s find out together!


Pedal Boat: How It Works

Also known as pedalo or paddle boat, the pedal boat is a human-powered boat designed in France in 1936. Patented by Georges-Henri Canton and Jean-Eugène Canton, it soon became a staple object for seaside mobility thanks to the simplicity of use which makes it perfect for romantic trips on the water or fun afternoons (especially with the adventurous version with a slide) with the family. But a pedal boat is also essential for safety at sea: many lifeguards still use it as a practical rescue vehicle.

The Evolution: Pedal Assisted Pedal Boats

Many resort managers talked about the demise of the paddle boat, considering it too inconvenient for the habits of the modern tourist. In fact, just the opposite is true: the idea of sustainability is bringing this craft back into the limelight, giving it a second youth. Instead of boats with petrol motors, the eco-tourist prefers to opt for a silent, fauna-friendly boat.

If on one hand a traditional pedal boat offers the opportunity to keep fit, the pedal assisted versions make for an interesting evolution. These are pedal boats with an electric motor that assists pedalling, reducing fatigue. Comfort and health, relaxation and the environment: this is the perfect combination to boost the boat rental business. In fact, our research in the field shows how interest in environmentally friendly boats can quickly recoup the investment, as you can read in our Case History of Bateau La Perle.

Those who were predicting the end of the pedal boat will have to think again. Thanks to the interest in eco-tourism, this craft still has a long way to go.

GOGO Smart: A New Way To Conceive The Electric Pedal Boat

Here at GardaSolar, we also wanted to make our own version of this immortal means of navigation. So, in addition to the traditional pedal boat, dedicated to those who have lots of energy even in the hot summer sun, we have a nice new model. GOGO Smart is the meeting point between a traditional pedal boat and an electric boat.

The GOGO Boat’s lightweight, wave-reducing design uses the catamaran shape to make navigation easier. There are no pedals or propellers: propulsion is provided by a paddlewheel linked to a 250 kW motor, with 8 hours of autonomy and a speed of 5 km/h. A contemporary solution that takes a classic and makes it evolve.

gardasolar_gogo SMART_pedalò elettrico
Gogo SMART – GardaSolar’s electric pedal boat


For those who prefer a traditional pedal boat, there are other models to choose from. Gogo Pedal, Gogo Pedal-E, GOGO Smart and GOGO5: four extremely different solutions, suited to different budgets and to the needs of all bathers, from the most sporty to those who want to enjoy the waves without tiring.

Are you interested in buying a pedal boat? Discover the wide range of pedal boats by GardaSolar. Classic or electric, you only have to choose.


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