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Now that summer’s over, it is time for a well-deserved rest. Our shipyards turn off their lights. The clicking sound of keyboards disappears. Our CEO, Alberto Pozzo, has already landed in Mauritius and is now on the beach with a fresh coconut in his left hand and a pineapple cocktail in his right. Right? Wrong.

The last few months of the year are crucial in defining next summer’s success, both for GardaSolar and for our customers. In short, our team remains operational to take care of orders for 2022: new fleets of pedal boats and electric boats requested throughout Europe, in addition to innovative projects on which, for now, we prefer to maintain some secrecy. Not a word (we’ll reveal them soon)!

We’re sorry, Alberto. Looks like you are going to spend your weekends at home again this year. Luckily there’s Lake Molveno to go visit (and it is a wonderful place). But why order your electric boat a good six months before next summer? Keep reading this article to find out.


You’ll give us time to take care of your boat down to the last detail

Speed and quality do not go together. GardaSolar has big plans, but it is still a small company. We prefer to take time and use care to build our electric boats, not to rush excellence. Each GOGO Boat is unique, it can be customised with graphics suggested by the customer, as well as with all the optional extras that can be integrated. The same applies to our partners’ boats, to the prestigious 1600 Dogado E, and even to our Powertrain technology – the tailor-made, integrated system designed for electric boats. By giving us enough notice, you enable us to take care of your request by devoting all our energy and expertise to it, without running into the dangerous Fast Food effect. Made in Italy also means this, and we will never give this philosophy up.

You can plan ahead

To plan ahead is half the battle. It is in your interest to devise a long-term business strategy. Our consultants are here to help. October and November are the perfect months to contact them and ask for advice on how to enhance your boat rental business: you’ll have plenty of time ahead of you to organise all the stages of your plan, from purchase to launch. And let’s not forget the most important part: you will have more time to take care of your communication strategy to inform potential visitors and investors about the big changes taking place.

You can spend less

Price is a factor that should not be underestimated: if you book your electric boat during these months, we will be able to work smoothly and guarantee you a special price. Booking early is also a way to avoid price increases. An electric boat is a convenient choice. For the environment, but especially for you.

You won’t risk being without one

If you order your boat next year, you run the risk of GardaSolar being focussed on the delivery phase of the orders and, rather than providing you with a boat that does not live up to expectations, we might decide not to take on the order. Due to the pandemic, the shortage of raw materials is also a variable that has to be taken into account, as it affects the amount of boats we can deliver each year. So, if you don’t book soon, you could be left empty-handed.

Whatever your choice, we want to make you a promise: we’ll do our very best to create the perfect electric boat, with friendliness, passion, drive and talent. These are the values that define us and make our boats special.

Have you decided to buy a GardaSolar electric boat? Get in touch with our consultants: we are ready to build a new sustainable fleet for you.




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