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GardaSolar is electric mobility, sustainable tourism, advice and consultancy on the subject of renewable energy. But the spark that started it all was the GOGO Boat. It is our masterpiece and the product that most represents us. Today we want to take you on a deep dive to look at the factors that make our electric boats successful, from their design to reduced consumption, going through efficiency and their Made in Italy technology. Thanks to Luca Carboni from Atena, Associazione Italiana di Tecnica Navale for his contribution.

A different and sustainable material: polyethylene

You only need a glance to understand that our GOGO Boats are unique. This is thanks to Davide Tagliapietra, aerospace engineer of the America’s Cup team LUNA ROSSA CHALLENGE who, together with CEO Alberto Pozzo, has designed and developed a trimaran hull that is 3.85 m long and 2 m wide.

The material matters: our GOGO boats are made of polyethylene, a completely recyclable and extremely low-cost thermoplastic material. The core is made of PE combined with an additive that causes it to expand 3 to 5 times its initial thickness.

Polyethylene has similar mechanical properties to fibreglass, but it also has something extra: in addition to the recyclability of PE, it is impact resistant. An impact test with a hammer, for example, showed that the impact did not leave any dents on the GOGO Boat. And in the case of scratches, the choice of polyethylene allows us to quickly repair the damage by heat welding. In short, reduced maintenance is the result of a choice that still rewards us and our customers today.

Gardasolar_scafo barca elettrica

Hull and design help to safeguard the environment

The choice of a multihull is also no coincidence: thanks to this structure we were able to ensure stability and efficiency, minimising wave motion while sailing. With a GOGO Boat, it is therefore possible to access protected marine areas or particular maritime environments where wave motion would otherwise cause serious damage to buildings. Like in Venice, for example. There, we participated at the 2021 Boat Show with a different boat: the 1600 Dogado E.

But back to our GOGOs. Their key word? Usability. We designed the control console to be innovative and easy to use, with a joystick that controls direction and speed. The idea was for everyone to be able to sail a GOGO Boat regardless of their age, making it easier for a cross-section of the public to rent it and enjoy it.

GardaSolar’s outboard motor.

The propulsion system? This too is 100% Italian and is the result of joint work with our partner, GARDENERGY. GOGO Boats can be powered by a 1,000 or 2,000 W motor, which allows you to reach a speed of 4 knots/7.4 km/h, with minimum energy consumption.

These motors are of the permanent magnet “brushless” type, to ensure maximum efficiency and reliability over time. The power board is integrated into the motor, thus maximising ease of installation and performance during operation. No transmission gearboxes are used in the GOGO, so there is a direct coupling between the propeller and the electric motor: this is how we have managed to maximise the efficiency of the transmission to achieve consistently comfortable sailing.

All engine components are made of aluminium alloy and CNC machined to ensure perfect fit, durability and impact resistance. All electronics are integrated in the engine compartment, so as to increase heat dissipation even in high temperature environments. GARDENERGY motors are impregnated with a special resin and gel, which protects motor and electronic parts from water. Five protective layers – one of which is made of epoxy resin – protect the motor from corrosion. This, combined with the hull material, reduces maintenance costs to a minimum. This is how we ensure that entrepreneurs can easily recoup their investment.

batterie_barca elettrica_gardasolar

GardaSolar’s batteries

Let’s get to the heart of GardaSolar energy. The batteries in the GOGOs have a recharge time related to the time they have been out of charge. With an autonomy of about 8 hours, the GOGOs will guarantee a day of fun for your customers. And thanks to the Solar Roof version, with an integrated photovoltaic system available as an accessory for all GOGO models, you can significantly increase the boat’s autonomy.

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