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Although Italy ranks only 17th among bike-friendly countries, cycle paths have grown by +22% in the last 7 years, while the purchase trend of e-bikes is predicted to rise in these weeks.

This is also due to the government bonuses granted at the end of the spring lockdown, which prompted many citizens to gain new information on the topic of electric mobility.

And now that electric bikes have boomed along with the rediscovery of healthier way living and moving, the time has come to enjoy a ride into wonderful landscapes.

We at Gardasolar, not only want to promote the online purchase of e-bikes online, but also strive to promote the Italian territory. Here are what we deem to be the three most beautiful trails to ride on e-bikes:

1. Bike trail that stretches from Garda to Mantua, up to the Adriatic

This stunning bike trail starts right from the territory where Gardasolar was born: Peschiera del Garda. It develops through Mantua along the Mincio River: over 262 kilometers of trail that touches three regions, Veneto, Lombardy and Emilia Romagna up to the Adriatic Sea. A unique path, which leads from the lake to the sea!

2. L’Eroica: with your e-bike in Chianti

The bike trail called “Eroica” is one of the most beautiful in Italy and is located in Siena. It allows you to cross the hills and countryside of Siena, Chianti, Brunello and Val D’orcia. A real dip in a timeless green landscape, admired all over the world. The Eroica is also among the friendliest and most well-served cycle paths, with hotels, food shops and farmhouses. An experience not to be missed even for those who simply love to ride e-bikes and are not professional athletes.

3. The Silent Way – Campania

For those who love ride in bike-friendly territory, the Via Silente is perfect: it is a cycling route of 592 kilometers, which leads from Castelnuovo in Cilento and back. A ring of paved roads, with no cars, in which you can feel welcomed by the region Campania. The bike trail is set in the Cilento National Park, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. It is an unforgettable journey, also enriched by local activities and facilities, which offer great discounts for those who prove to be cyclists of the Via Silente. You simply can’t miss out!

Do you want to go on a trip? Buy your e-bike now in our online shop. Ask us for advice!


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