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The electric revolution is conquering people, companies and institutions all over the world, whatever the sector they belong to. Even bathing establishments and lakeside resorts are involved: in fact, everyone is looking for practical solutions to entertain their guests without harming the surrounding natural environment.

Old motorboats should be banned, they are noisy and one of the first causes of wave motion. Today’s alternative solutions are born to enjoy nature sustainably, taking advantage of the progress made by electric technology.

One of these solutions is the electric pedalo boat, that often is available also with pedal assistance. Learn more about it in this article.

How does a pedal-assisted pedalo boat work?

The characteristic of a pedal-assisted pedalo boat is precisely the electric motor that supports the pedalling, increasing the power of your legs and the kinetic energy necessary to move the hull. Don’t worry: the pedal-assisted pedalo boats are not for lazy people: it is a practical solution for those who want to travel to the most beautiful locations without necessarily having the physique of a professional cyclist.

Advantages of an electric pedalo boat

The most obvious advantage of a pedal-assisted pedalo boat is undoubtedly its usability and considerable energy savings. The electric motor of pedalo boat allows you to move at a higher speed than that reached with standard pedals (the same concept is true for electric bicycles).

With the electric pedalo boat, nature is respected and, more importantly, so is your health. The motor supports the pedalling, allowing you to make a gentle and gradual workout.

Moreover, thanks to the affordable cost and the very low maintenance costs, the electric pedalo boat is the answer for entrepreneurs who want to equip their structures with a fun, easy to use and low environmental impact vehicle.

Gardasolar’s electric (and non- electric) pedalo boats

Besides 100% electric boats, Gardasolar is developing a wide range of pedalo boats, from the classic ones to pedal-assisted boats, up to the hybrid boat-pedalo boats, without pedals but with impeller or propeller. An idea that is born 100% in Italy and that is available to all those who want to open a truly sustainable business in the field of tourism. Keep following our blog and subscribe to the Gardasolar newsletter to stay updated on upcoming products. Our site is in the making, and electric pedals will be among the next products and uploaded to our portal. Goodbye old pedalo boats. Welcome future.


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