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Sustainability is a crucial issue that, sooner or later, we will all have to address, in our working and private lives. Our recent smart working experience, due to the pandemic, has already highlighted the limits of a lifestyle that too often clashes with our environment. More and more companies have decided to cut down on travel when remote work allows it, thus contributing to a concrete reduction of emissions. According to FPA estimates, with 50% of employees working remotely, 170 million tons of CO2 would be saved in a single year.

There is, however, another subject matter that particularly interests us at GardaSolar: that of sustainable fun. Is it possible to enjoy a careless moment without burdening nature?

The answer is yes, and this is demonstrated by the many sustainable amusement parks that have decided to rethink their attractions from a green perspective. Here are some of the main places where relaxation and the environment go hand in hand.

Disney World Resort – A New (And Unique) Photovoltaic System

The world’s most famous entertainment giant has been committed to reducing their greenhouse gas emissions by 50% for years. Florida’s Disney World Resort has been equipped with a 5MW photovoltaic system in the unmistakable shape of Mickey Mouse. The park also switched to LED lighting, saving 2.6 kWh per year.

Disneyland_pannelli solari

Disneyland Resort Paris – likewise – uses geothermal energy to heat water and rooms. The increasingly growing use of hybrid vehicles has resulted in a -23% reduction in greenhouse gases in just four years.

Gardaland – Fun is Plastic Free

Gardaland, one of the most famous amusement parks in Italy, has said goodbye to single-use plastic, preferring compostable and biodegradable materials. The park also completely turns off its lights at night, for high energy savings. Thanks to the collaboration with ENEL X, 8 charging points for electric vehicles have been made available to visitors. Small choices that, step by step, encourage tourists to be responsible, even while having fun.

The Dutch model – The Wind Turbine Park

The first amusement park completely dedicated to renewable sources will be Dutch, born from an idea of Qurrent – a Dutch supplier of green energy. Covering an area of over 8,000 squared metres, the park will be developed around wind turbines which will provide clean energy as well as fun and entertainment. Besides the attractions, the park will be responsible for teaching the guests about renewable energy, with educational sessions for children and adults. This is a way to promote sustainable behaviour even while on holiday.

Molveno Lake – GardaSolar’s Experience

As GardaSolar we are amongst the pioneers of this revolution, which we fully embrace. For years we have been advising tourism entrepreneurs on sustainability as a business opportunity as well as an ethical choice. In 2018, we have created a completely environmentally friendly amusement park in the heart of Trentino: the park on Lake Molveno.

barche elettriche-gogo boat-gardasolar

An electric ecosystem of fun. Electric boats and pedalos over a great green area, complete with a minigolf course and an electrick off-road vehicle track for children. We are very proud of what we managed to build and of the way our Made in Italy technology travels all around Europe.

Are you the owner of a seaside or lakeside tourism business? Ask us for a personalised quote! Together we’ll work on the best way to provide your facilities with cutting-edge products and technology. Fun is green!


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