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Today more than ever before, we know how important sustainability is: at home, at the office, in everyday life. And, why not, even on holiday! Over the last few years we have come to realise that tourism is without a doubt a big source of pollution, especially for art cities and small boroughs (we’re talking about 8% of global CO2 emissions).

We cannot hide anymore from this. More and more people are becoming aware of how amazing travelling is, but we must be responsible when doing it. We are looking at a real revolution: green tourism teaching visitors how to behave in a more ethical and sustainable way, for both the environment and the people who live in those places.

And we, who go hand in hand with sustainability, would like to give you five tips for becoming a real sustainable tourist. Are you ready?

1 – Respect the Local Culture

Tourists, although an asset, can often become a danger to urban centres. This happens when their desire for fun clashes with the local community’s desire for tranquillity. Respect the nightlife, don’t disturb the peace outside permitted hours and move around respecting traffic rules and signs. Try to respect not only the environment, but also local customs and traditions.

2 – Sort Your Waste

Often, when we are on holiday, we feel like we can live without rules, but that is not the case. Even when travelling, remember to sort your waste: find out in advance what the rules in your destination city are. Many tourist information centres can provide you with this kind of information. Respect your destination city and your trip will be the most amazing ever!

3 – Choose Low Impact Destinations

If you want to go on a sustainable trip, the destination counts. Many cities in Europe and around the world are investing in sustainable tourism. Copenhagen, Stockholm, Amsterdam and Ljubljana are places where environmental policies are improving the quality of life for everyone, tourists included. Italy is no joke either: Umbria, Trentino, Tuscany, Friuli-Venezia Giuliathis article will tell you about the main Italian destinations. A little tip: try to choose an accommodation that is close to the place you want to visit. You will be able to get around on foot, limiting your travel and therefore your CO2 emissions.


4 – Support Small Businesses and Choose Local Products

Travelling is also about savouring the local culture. When you visit new cities or small towns, forget touristy places and fast food restaurants: why go to McDonald’s rather than a cicchetteria if you are in Venice, or order a burger rather than tapas if you are in Barcelona? Instead, immerse yourself in the local culture, visit taverns, bistros, patisseries and historic delis, shop in traditional markets rather than the supermarket. You will find authentic flavours and certainly a great respect for the ingredients, often chosen for regional and seasonal criteria.

5 – Choose Environmentally Friendly Means of Transport

Per raggiungere la tua meta o per muoverti nelle città, sfrutta mezzi pubblici, il bike sharing o prediligi l’uso condiviso di automobili, sfruttando le app di car pooling. Anche le barche contano: noi di GardaSolar, ad esempio, stiamo coinvolgendo imprenditori di tutta Europa per dotare laghi e spiagge di barche elettriche – come le nostre GOGO Boat. Una bella occasione per muoversi in silenzio in vere e proprie oasi di biodiversità. Perché non scegliere il Trentino e l’affascinante Lago di Molveno?

To reach your destination or to move around the city, use public transport, bike sharing or car pooling apps. Boats count too: we at GardaSolar, for example, are involving entrepreneurs from all over Europe to equip lakes and beaches with electric boats – like our GOGO Boat. It’s a great opportunity to move around quietly in real oases of biodiversity. Why not choose Trentino and the fascinating Lake Molveno?

What about you? Have you decided to take the plunge and become a sustainable tourist? Tell us what you think in the comments!


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