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On 29 May the Venice Boat Show, one of the unmissable events for the boating world and for those who want to see the future of sailing all in one place, opened its doors for a renewed and expanded event with over 220 boats and more than 160 exhibitors, all in the spectacular facilities of the Arsenale.

gardasolar_barca elettrica_1600 dogado

Our GardaSolar team was there to show enthusiasts and investors our latest endeavour: our 1600 Dogado, presented in its electric version (E). A jewel born from the collaboration with FAP – Falegnameria Arigiana Pesce – and the designer Roberto Roscioni. We are going to tell you about it in this article.

Here are our impressions and the emotions we experienced in this splendid Venetian setting.

Sustainability. The future is green.

È il nostro core business, ma anche la nostra filosofia. E anche il Salone Nautico di Venezia ci crede: la sostenibilità è il futuro della navigazione. Un messaggio forte, ribadito dalla prima sfilata di barche full-electric, soprannominata “E-Regatta” e dallo spazio dedicato all’interno dell’Esposizione proprio alle soluzioni green. L’idea rivoluzionaria e di cui noi stessi siamo pionieri è che l’elettrico non basta: è necessario considerare tutto il percorso di vita dell’imbarcazione, dalla scelta dei materiali alla riciclabilità, passando anche per il design dello scafo.

It is our core business and also our philosophy. And the Venice Boat Show believes in it too: sustainability is the future of navigation. A strong message, emphasised by the first parade of full-electric boats, dubbed “E-Regatta”, and by the space dedicated to green solutions within the exhibition. The revolutionary idea, which we pioneered, is that electric power is not enough: it is necessary to consider the entire life cycle of the boat, from the choice of materials, to the design of the hull, all the way to recyclability.


This message was also expressed by Mayor Luigi Brugnaro, who said: “What place better than Venice to discuss energy transformation, environmental impact, and nautical design? The Boat Show is […] also a place for debate on how to renew and change our relationship with the sea”.

Arsenale_Salone Nautico Venezia(1)
Arsenale di Venezia: la cornice storica del salone Nautico.

Of the same opinion is Carlo Nuvolari, scientific director of the event:

“Sustainability is the common thread running through the conferences at the exhibition. Sustainability is a global problem, but the fact that we are talking about it here in Venice, a very prominent city, is very important. The Venice Arsenale has always been a centre for studies, innovation and technology. Let’s keep talking about this and make sure that this is happens again”.

Our experience

It was a pleasure to dive into this unique event, that opened us the doors on a market full of new ideas. Webinars, meetings, interviews, navigation tests… The Arsenale has gone back to being the throbbing heart of boating. Seeing over 30,000 squared metres of exposition space come back to life after the closure was an emotionally charged and unrepeatable experience. We have lived through a historic moment, we have seen how the relationship with nature has to change, we are ready to do it with technology and heart.

We were particularly impressed with the sailing megayacht NL 285 “Vento” designed by Nuvolari Lenard because of its environmentally friendly attributes.

Extremely exciting was also the launch of Selecta, one of the last historic gondolas designed by the great Giuseppe Giuponi, and a wonderful homage to the Venetian tradition: Naval Art gets back home is the perfect slogan for the event.

For us here at GardaSolar, the test was a complete success, with dozens of professionals taking the rudder of our boat and expressing an interest in buying it after the test drive. 1600 Dogado is sailing in excellent waters. And above all, sustainable ones.

A little, interesting fact.

The Arsenale is one of the most magical places in Venice. In this jealously guarded military structure, the Serenissima demonstrated all its naval power, able to confirm its hegemony on all the seas. It was here that one of the first assembly lines in history was born. It is estimated that up to three large ships could be produced every day. The perfect place to reflect on the future while looking back at the past.


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